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Version Design Co., a design agency founded by four individuals with diverse backgrounds, sought to create a brand identity that embodies adaptability, personality, and pays homage to the entertainment and media industry. The goal was to reflect the collective's varied experiences and services while catering to independent and up-and-coming artists in the music, entertainment, social media, and design sectors. The design challenges involved:

Balancing the individual personalities and backgrounds of the four founders within the brand identity.

Ensuring the design conveys adaptability and creativity while maintaining simplicity and impact.

Catering to the diverse needs of the agency's target market and providing a unique identity for each client.

Version Design Co. tackled the challenge by focusing on a highly stylized "V" logo, representing the agency's name and embodying adaptability through its ability to take on various patterns and colour schemes. The logo was designed to serve as a blank canvas, allowing for customization while retaining simplicity and impact. Inspired by the original MTV identity, the logo evokes a sense of nostalgia and creativity, resonating with the agency's love for music and entertainment.
Version's target market is aimed toward independent and up-and-coming artists in the music, entertainment, social media and design world. The agency's mission is to empower new artists to take ownership of their brand and equip them with the right tools for growth.

As the design leader of Version Design Co., I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing the brand identity project. I facilitated the brainstorming sessions to ensure that the design reflected the collective vision of the agency's founders while meeting the objectives of adaptability and creativity. I provided art direction and guided the team in refining the logo design to achieve maximum impact and versatility. Additionally, I worked closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and preferences, ensuring that the final product resonated with Version Design Co.'s target market.

The resulting brand identity successfully captures Version Design Co.'s mission of empowering new artists and driving creative professionals forward. The adaptable logo design allows for personalized branding for each client, fostering a sense of uniqueness and ownership. The brand identity effectively communicates the agency's commitment to creativity, adaptability, and collaboration within the entertainment and media industry.
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