Showcasing Premium Smart Home Products in a Contemporary Setting
Photography | Art Direction | Editorial Design | Product Marketing

Savant, a brand known for its premium smart home products, embodies a design philosophy characterized by clean lines, minimalist industrial aesthetics, and sleek interfaces. The brand's product line spans from speakers to remotes, security cameras, and lighting system keypads, all geared toward creating the smart homes of the future. To visually represent these offerings from an aspirational, high-end perspective, a photoshoot was organized in the luxurious setting of the Vegas Modern house. This sprawling residence provided the perfect backdrop to capture the essence of contemporary living with Savant's technology.
Art direct a photoshoot that not only showcases Savant's product range but also creates a visual association between the products and the contemporary lifestyle of the Vegas Modern house.
To address the challenge, a comprehensive photoshoot plan was executed:

The project involved a collaborative effort, with key team members including the VP of design, the creative director, a project manager, the art director (myself), graphic designers, and a tech engineer. Together, we brought the vision to life.

The five-day photoshoot covered a diverse range of scenes and models. The objective was to capture how users interact with Savant's home automation products in real-life scenarios. Scenes included a father and son engaging with an entertainment system, a family having dinner during a storm and power outage, and a home security system identifying a young daughter arriving home and unlocking the front door to greet her parents. These situational contexts were strategically chosen to enhance the products and convey their value in enhancing daily life.

Throughout the photoshoot, an emphasis was placed on capturing textures, moments, and design elements in the Vegas Modern house that echoed the premium aesthetics of Savant's products. This visual association helped create a cohesive narrative and strengthen the brand's identity as a leader in premium home automation technology.

The photoshoot's complexity was further heightened by innovative elements, such as simulating a rainstorm during a power outage to showcase Savant's products in action. This attention to detail added a layer of authenticity to the visual storytelling.
Product shots taken during the five-day shoot were eventually used for Savant's marketing materials, editorial pieces and as large backdrops for technology-based trade shows and conferences. 

The photoshoot resulted in a stunning collection of images that authentically portrayed Savant's products in the context of contemporary living. These images were leveraged across various marketing materials, including editorial pieces, and served as striking backdrops for technology-based trade shows and conferences. The project not only showcased Savant's commitment to premium design but also reinforced its reputation as a leader in the industry.
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