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Podium, an innovative app, was conceived as a unique platform to connect athletes, coaches, and fans at the collegiate/university level in North America. Founded by elite coaches from private sports-driven institutions, the app aimed to foster a diverse and engaging community, encouraging athletes to build valuable professional connections and plan for their future. The brand's central message revolved around uplifting young individuals and promoting their personal development.

Create a brand identity that conveys the idea of mentorship, ambition, professionalism, and positive growth, with a focus on inclusivity and recognition of BIPOC individuals.

To address the challenge, a comprehensive brand identity was crafted for Podium:

The logo was carefully designed to symbolize the concept of lifting individuals towards success. It incorporated upward angles, representing a positive trajectory, a deliberate nod to the founder's background in investment banking where positive growth was always a goal for clients. This element underscored the app's mission to empower athletes and facilitate their personal growth journeys.

The choice of gold, black, and white for the brand's color palette was inspired by the observation that black and yellow, when combined, effectively stood out against the backdrop of a field. This analogy resonated with the app's aim to stand out among the sea of athletes and opportunities. The use of gold added a touch of prestige and sophistication, emphasizing the app's commitment to excellence.

"Podium" was selected as the brand name not to signify the selection of the best athletes, but rather to inspire all athletes, from every sport, to rise to their full potential and strive for a more successful future. Podium's focus lay in advancing athletic, personal, and professional growth opportunities through its extensive network, reinforcing the message that success is not limited to winning but also includes individual advancement.

The Podium brand identity successfully encapsulated the essence of the app's mission: to uplift and empower athletes, coaches, and fans on their journey toward personal and professional growth. The logo, color palette, and brand name collectively conveyed the app's commitment to inclusivity, positive development, and standing out as a beacon of opportunity in the world of sports networking. This brand identity laid a strong foundation for Podium's success in connecting and inspiring athletes, coaches, and fans across North America.
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