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Fly High Media (FHM), a drone photography company based in Bermuda, aimed to create an interactive website that showcases the island's beauty through stunning aerial imagery while differentiating itself from competitors. The goal was to solidify FHM's online presence and provide users with a captivating visual experience that encourages exploration of Bermuda's landscapes and events. The challenges for the project were the following:

Standing out from the competition in a market with three other independent drone photography companies.

Creating a website that complements FHM's popular Instagram account known for its breathtaking imagery.

Designing an interface that maximizes visual real estate and encourages users to engage with the content.​​​​​​​

Fly High Media addressed the challenge by designing a minimalist website that places the photography front and center, allowing users to immerse themselves in the beauty of Bermuda. The website features a clean white frame with minimal menus and buttons, ensuring that the visual content takes center stage. The landing page showcases a looping video of waves breaking on one of Bermuda's popular beaches, captivating visitors with mesmerizing imagery. The video's seamless loop encourages prolonged engagement, with the average idle time on the landing page exceeding five minutes. This reinforces the quality of FHM's high-resolution videos and imagery, capturing the essence of Bermuda's landscapes and events.


As the design leader of the Fly High Media website project, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing the design solution. I led the team in creating a minimalist interface that maximizes visual impact while ensuring a seamless user experience. I provided art direction and guided the design process to align with FHM's brand identity and objectives. Additionally, I collaborated closely with stakeholders to understand their vision and requirements, ensuring that the final product effectively showcases FHM's drone photography expertise and captures the beauty of Bermuda.

The Fly High Media website successfully differentiates the company from competitors by providing users with an immersive visual experience that highlights Bermuda's beauty. The minimalist design allows FHM's photography to shine, attracting users and encouraging them to explore the island's landscapes and events. The website's engaging content and seamless user experience solidify FHM's online presence and position the company as a leader in drone photography in Bermuda.
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